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After you get your ATAR

Year 12 students who have received their ATAR but are still unsure about what course to enrol into can ring the Careers Advisory Service on 1300 300 687 or via the website www.cas.det.nsw.edu.au

The service will be available from 19th - 21st December 2016 and careers advisers will be available to answer questions on clarifying choices, employment opportunities, career pathways and training options. Parents and carers may also use the service if they are seeking advice on behalf of a 2016 HSC student.


TSFX will be holding Summer School lectures at Sydney University in the January holidays. 

Year 11 from January 14th - 24th. 

Year 12 from January 9th - 24th.

The lectures range from $55 - $165

See Ms Davies in Careers for further information.